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The 3 B’s of Chef Robert Irvine

Celebrity Chef, Robert Irvine has seen his fair share of failing eateries as the host of the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible. Per episode, the chef with the 6-pack flexes brawn through a tough love approach to re-vamping the shows pick of the week. Armed with a $10,000 budget, 48 hours and a pot full of patients, Irvine breathes new life into a dwindling business to the gratitude of owners and families suffering from restaurant failure and fatigue.
Born in Salisbury, England to a mother who lovingly over-cooked vegetables and a father who graciously indulged her efforts, Irvine’s calling to become a chef came early. At age 15, he joined the British Royal Navy and stayed at sea for 10 years. In that time, he fulfilled his services as a militant and learned how to cook. Today, best known for his television persona as the host of Dinner Impossible and Restaurant Impossible, Chef Irvine’s television rescue show is only one way that he gives back.
Through such initiatives as his Food Network appearances, Irvine touches the lives of others by changing what they need to make their lives more sustainable in a restaurant setting. It is here that viewers embrace the Chef’s grand, humbling heart that only seeks to give consistently. In a recent interview with Preferred Magazine, Irvine humbly admitted that the rise to fame was driven by an under-current of self-emotion to do good, “At that time you think you need it, and it takes a while to get over yourself, and then you realize that you are in a position of power and with power you can help people with the success that you have.”
Lending his celebrity unselfishly, Irvine helps wherever he can to support such causes as children with cancer, the Make a Wish Foundation, local hospitals and charities. He is also extensively involved in and a loyal advocate of  The Gary Senise foundation committed to providing American war heroes and veterans assistance to build smart homes for themselves and their families. More recently, Irvine started up his own not-for-profit foundation self-titled, The Robert Irvine Foundation designed to help honour the men and women serving the United States of America. And, it doesn’t stop there. A new Irvine offering has hit the circuit.  Depicted as a non-scripted, on stage, theatrical event where the audience gets the opportunity to let loose with the Chef and become a part of the hijinks, cooking and culinary challenges, Robert Irvine Live is not your average cooking demo. After the curtain falls, Irvine sticks around to meet and greet his gracious audience. “It is the funniest thing ever!” said Irvine. “ I wanted a way for the fans to get close to me that couldn’t get into the restaurants or that see me on tv.”

On the road 340+ days out of the year, Irvine understands the importance of health and fitness to maintaining a strong body and mind. Deemed as one of the 25 “Fittest Guys in America” by Men’s Fitness Magazine in 2007, the fitness buff educates others by providing his learned facts to sustain a healthy lifestyle regardless of the life one lives. Via his website, Irvine hones in on an array of topics from “How to Activate Your Lifestyle” and “Staying Heart Healthy”, as well as personal answers from the chef himself in his Q&A. Other site facets showcase healthy recipes, family advice, and upcoming news in the health world of Irvine. In addition, just released this past June to raving reviews, are Irvine’s “Fit Crunch Bars” baked and chockfull of delicious protein; oh, and, there is his line of personal workout wear.
Robert Irvine has evolved from a Chef to what he refers to as “a full service in the world of lifestyle”. Soon to hit the shelves will be his new book titled “Fit Fuel” focusing on kids, health and wellness. “I truly believe that kids and parents should cook together because it’s fun,” he stated. “It’s cooking, fitness, fun and family, and they all bond together.” Practicing what he preaches with his two teenage girls, Annalise & Talia, Irvine commented, “It’s so cool because you can make a mess and you can make a mistake, you clean it up and eat it anyway and that’s that bonding moment when you laugh or there’s flour on your nose, and it doesn’t really matter.”
Boasting a strapping physique, successful culinary and television career, and a genuine giving mentality, Irvine’s life is further enhanced by his striking female companion. Married in May 2012 after meeting and serving VIPs for the WWE Summerslam in season 7 of Dinner Impossible, Irvine wed Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s knockout champion and Toronto born, Gail Kim. The relationship that the two share is as well balanced as the chef’s plate. “She’s my wife, soul mate, my best friend, workout partner, everything,” he reflected.
Downtime to Irvine is when he is on a plane sleeping. “I truly believe that you should relish every minute, I don’t believe in sleep.” The couple with the busy schedules makes it work while on separate itineraries literally by meeting up in the middle of all of their sweet chaos, be it on the set of a Restaurant Impossible mission or ring side at one of Kim’s events.
The love Irvine expresses toward his family, peers and friends is laced with sincerity. When talking about brother/sister like celebrity chefs, Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri, he bragged that they are “the most positive, giving human beings on this planet. They are really cool people.” Although the culinary celeb with the big-biceps puts up a tough exterior, Chef Robert Irvine’s pot boils-over with kindness towards everyone. “If I die tomorrow, God forbid,” said Irvine, “I know that I have done the best that I can possibly do… I am very lucky”

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