As we age, skin cell regeneration slows down. The environment and the aging process of the cells are factors that disrupt the proper functioning of the skin’s self-defense and regeneration systems, meaning a person’s ability to heal skin damage is compromised and pre-mature aging sets in. Cellmen, from Celllap Laboratoire addresses this and other skin-related issues by providing a new generation of skin-care products specifically developed to protect and moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis and to reduce the decaying of cell renewal.
In the vanguard of searching for scientifically balanced active ingredients capable of dealing with skin problems by natural methods, Cellap scientists apply the very latest biotechnological findings to Cellmen; the company’s line of products developed specifically for men. These products are fundamentally different to that of products originally developed for women, and are the first cyto (cellular-based) and phyto (plant-based) products to be offered for males. The cyto and phyto materials reinforce, protect, and revitalize the masculine epidermis while respecting the physical and chemical makeup of male skin – producing dramatic results in a short period.
“These products are incredible,” said Seth Harman, Managing Director of MenEssentials. “I became familiar with this line while working in Zurich, Switzerland and knew that it was something that we needed to be able to offer to our customers. They are the most dramatic and effective skin care products for men I have ever encountered.”
Using patented technology, Cellap Laboratoire is able to capture and stabilize cellular extracts while retaining their enzymatic activity. Other products on the market which contain cyto- or phyto-based material typically use methods such as freeze-drying which physically shocks the cellular extracts making them much less effective and, in many cases, causing all enzymatic activity to stop before the product can be used fully. The methods employed by Cellap also undergo the most rigorous dermatological, bacterial, and micro-biological testing in four separate Swiss laboratories, ensuring all Cellmen products are safe, effective, and hypoallergenic.
By retaining the highest levels of enzymatic activity, Cellmen products effectively transfer this stabilized energy into a person’s own cells, boosting cellular activity high or even higher then when that person was young and their cellular activity was at its peak. “Unlike stem cell treatments that usually require some type of low-grade outpatient surgery, Cellmen products produce the same effect by simply applying them directly to your skin,” stated Harman. “It is simple, non-invasive, and just as dramatic. It is also much less expensive, which is a definite plus.”
Cellmen Face Ultra is specifically designed to enhance skin tone, heal skin damage, and make the skin visibly glow. The product contains a 20% concentration of stabilized integral cells to favor the quality of cell renewal. These cells act as natural stimulators of cutaneous functions and improve skin vitality and topical metabolism. For men between the ages of 30 and 40, occasional use a few times per week is all that is needed to ensure skin is revitalized. It is especially effective at counteracting the effects of smoking due to poor capillary circulation in the skin. After 40 years of age, daily applications of Face Ultra are essential as men over 40 typically have far more skin-related issues.
During the day, application of Face Ultra protects skin against external aggressors such as changes in temperature and pollution. At night, Face Ultra revitalizes cuntaneous tissues and rebalances the natural functions of the skin. It also preserves the visible properties of healthy skin, keeping skin moisturized, supple, and smooth. “We have had customers apply Cellmen Face Ultra and then have their spouses tell them that they could visibly see changes in their skin as early as several hours later,” said Harman. “I’ve never actually heard anyone say that about any other skin care product I am familiar with. That really speaks to how efficacious Cellmen products are.”
Another common concern for men as they get older is the development of dark circles under the eyes, a particular area of sensitivity and vulnerability of the face. The eye contour, especially the lower part, deepens at first and then gradually becomes purplish in color with visible rings becoming apparent over time. Using the principles of ophthalmic science, along with numerous discussions held with the Swiss pharmaceutical industry, Cellap Laboratoire developed their Cellmen Eye Dark Circles-XT to counter this problem.
The eye gel contains Swiss Alps spring water that is particularly rich in magnesium as well as selected minerals and trace elements with important natural biochemical properties. It does not contain any fat, alcohol, dye, or oily substances and has a neutral pH that guarantees that it is perfectly compatible with the eyes, even in accidental direct contact with the eyeball itself. It produces a matte, non-oily effect with strong detoxifying properties and enhances the natural cell renewal metabolism of the under-eye skin. The result of proper application is a visible reduction or elimination of dark circles. Where puffiness is also present, Cellap Laboratoire offers a separate product specifically to address that condition which can be used in conjunction with Cellmen Eye Dark Circles-XT.
“Cellap Laboratoire has done a great job of ensuring that they have products that address the most common complaints we hear from men in regards to their skin,” said Harman. “By addressing those complaints with highly effective solutions, they have made our job easy. We are able to confidently recommend their products, knowing full well the customer is going to see immediate results.”