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Most Canadians, like myself, start their day with a hot cup of joe, in fact, more than 67% of Canadians rely on a cup of coffee to kick start their day. Whether you’ve had a restful nights’ sleep and woke up ready to take on the world or had a late night preparing a presentation for work and hit snooze on the alarm ten times, nothing compares to starting the day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

The morning hustle to get out the door and battle rush hour traffic can be a daunting task, the lack of time to sit and enjoy a freshly brewed beverage is not always possible given the busyness of life. So, we often rely on the speed and convenience of quickly brewed coffee made at home.

With more than half of our population drinking coffee to start their day and drive-thru coffee shops being lined up around the block, we have seen major growth with the single-serve coffee pods which make home brewing more convenient. Single-serve coffee has grown exponentially over the last few years, 38% of Canadians own a single-cup brewer. For real coffee lovers, the single-cup solution is ideal given the demands of their schedule, however, it often disappoints when it comes to flavour.

Most coffee connoisseurs will agree that the single-cup brew is super convenient but the taste is often compromised due to the coffee beans already being ground.


Compromise Flavour No More…


I have been using a single-cup brewer at home for several years, and have tried many flavoured pods and brands from Dark Roast to French Vanilla Cappuccino, the benefits of being able to quickly brew a cup of coffee is great but I have never truly been satisfied with the taste. Recently I discovered a brand that is changing the game when it comes to single-serve convenience, Nespresso.


Enter the world of Nespresso, a company that continues to revolutionize the world of coffee, focused on delivering a quickly brewed cup of coffee and an extraordinary experience for your taste buds. A socially responsible brand that is committed to sustaining the environment, maintaining a long-term relationship with farmers and ensuring the best quality of coffee. They carefully select the best raw materials, because only the best beginning holds the promise of an incredible cup of coffee. They start at origin with fine specialty grade coffees that meet stringent physical criteria and specific taste profiles, necessary to create their distinctive Grands Crus.


Nespresso is committed to carefully selecting the finest blends from around the world bringing you the highest quality available in a single cup serving. Nespresso recently released a collection of rare and exceptional coffees. The new collection, named Explorations 1, is comprised of exceptionally rare coffees from incredible terroirs that are all considered ‘hidden gems’ by the Nespresso coffee experts due to their remarkable taste profiles. Explorations 1 which comprises two limited edition coffees – Laos Bolaven Plateau and Kenya Peaberry. These two coffees have been specially created and paired in a duo-pack due to their contrasting hidden stories and end-cup tastes. Both coffees are Pure Origins meaning that the coffee has been sourced from a single farm or a group of farms in a precise region.


Every Cup Tells A Story - Nespresso Explorations 1


Kenya Peaberry

Due to its terroir and vast varieties, Kenya is known affectionately in the coffee industry as the ‘King of Coffees ‘whilst the peaberry’ is considered to be a prized bean with special fruity, almost jam-like flavours. Unlike typical coffee beans, the peaberry is round in shape due to a natural mutation in which only one side of the bean develops, accounting for approximately 5% of the world’s coffee. Peaberries also roast particularly well as their round shape allows heat to evenly penetrate the bean.


Using peaberries which were carefully picked by hand, the Nespresso experts developed a roast profile and split roasting technique that expresses of all the elegance of Kenya’s fine acidity and fruity notes. This aromatic espresso will surprise you with notes reminiscent of a variety of candied fruits such as apples, raisins, blackberries, and currants.


Laos Bolaven Plateau

Situated at 1,100-1,350m above sea level, the Bolaven Plateau of Southern Laos is a region that benefits from high rainfall, volcanic soil and a distinct humidity; the perfect environment for growing coffee with delicious cereal notes and huge sensorial qualities.

Recognizing the incredible potential in such a terroir, the Nespresso experts opted to source 100% washed Arabica from the region and then used their blending and roasting skills in order to maximize the cereal notes but without any astringency.

The result is an espresso with golden wheat and green vegetal notes. Round and balanced with a hint of acidity, Laos Bolaven Plateau is reminiscent of cereal grains and herbs.

The Nespresso Explorations 1 collection which features a rare coffee Laos Bolaven Plateau is one my absolute favourite blends, exceptional flavor, aroma, smoothness and is brewed to perfection in under 45 seconds, watch the video here

If you want more than a caffeine fix and appreciate the experience of a freshly brewed coffee that doesn’t compromise flavour then Nespresso coffee and espresso collection is the ultimate fit for your taste. Accessing the finest blends in the world does come with a higher price tag that is well worth it. Convenience, brewing quality, smoothness, and aroma that comes with every cup, truly is priceless.


Nespresso is set to release another Exploration collection of exceptional and rare coffees in the fall of 2017. Nespresso also offers an exclusive club for coffee lovers, featuring access to coffee experts 24/7 to help with coffee selection, easy ordering and convenient delivery to your home. Giving you access to the finest blends available worldwide. To learn more visit Nespresso


 Photo Credit: Peter Heeling 






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