Finding Your Blue

Erin-&-Brian--7469 There it was.  And there it went.  Summer! The time for social interaction abounded: weekends at the lake, barbeques with family and friends, and the multitude of outdoor events that usually end up with a flirty buzz of patio night-life.  But now the laissez-faire of summer passed, the autumn ritual begins anew.  The suits and ties are pressed, the shoes polished, and the focus on getting back into the normalcy of routine that autumn brings.  Life slowly ebbing back to the monotony left behind only a few short months ago. All of that spontaneous summer excitement comes to an end…or does it? Autumn typically ushers back the routines of work and school to life, but don’t let those things be all that resonates in your mind.  Why leave it at that?  With the new season’s arrival, men should be more than just grasping at the thrill of their team’s kick off, or waiting for the first face-off of the regular season. The autumn equinox, formed from the Latin words aequus – ‘equal’ and nox – ‘night’ , is when night and day are in balance with each other. Those that believe the fever of love only happens in the warmer months, may be pleasantly surprised.   In northern climes, autumn is typically the season of harvest and the subsequent “thankfulness”.  And as such, like the equinox, it is a great time to establish balance in your professional, and personal life.  It is a time of year that women gloat over, being written all over their faces as they pull out their harvest decorations and woollies.  When you choose to embrace this time with the one you adore, she will be like putty in your hands.  The sparks that can be rekindled, or ignited for the first time, thrive in the cooler air of the calendar’s latter months.   Do it!  Showcase your manly self!  Testosterone runs high in the fall, as the natural instinct for winter hibernation kicks in and takes control.  One only has to look at the sports schedules to see how this “high level of masculinity” shows off as rough and tumble sports like football and hockey dominate the airwaves.  Bring out the Paul Bunyan in you!  Get out there and either find your ‘Babe the Blue Ox’, or get “relationship rebooted” with “the Babe” already in your life.   This is a sure way to win the heart of any woman, or man.  Be it a date, a budding new relationship, or something long term.   Who says a plaid flannel shirt isn’t a woman’s fantasy?  This classic wardrobe staple, which many a man may feel is “just another reminder of his Father’s from childhood, can make a woman’s heart palpitate with desire.  Pair that with a wool bomber, some jeans, and she is sure to want you to take her out for a long intimate walk in the woods.  And just go with that!  Give her the stereotypical outdoorsman that men have had to live up to for years.  This may not be something you are used to portraying, and it doesn’t mean you have to start chopping timber or bring home a freshly killed, succulent beast for tonight’s dinner.  Rather, make her feel that you are her dignified hero of the forest.   This is a sure way to win the heart of any woman, be it a date, a budding new relationship, or one that’s been long term for years.   A warm touch of intertwined fingers while walking through a trail blanketed and interlaced with freshly fallen leaves stimulates intimacy between a man and a woman.  It is a choice opportunity to prove that chivalry is certainly in fact not dead!  Show her that this is the time to create everlasting memories. Don’t let it show that the uniformity of daily regime sits in the back of mind, save that for the office.     Many relationships that begin in autumn months are ones that stay strong throughout the years.  This could truly be a life changing season.  Coming off of a summer season that can be laden     with superficial emotions, which are based on living in the moment, and being presented with a humbling opportunity at romance breathes new life into everyone.   Take this opportunity to the next level and plan something for the two of you.  Get “one on one” invested in the harvest season together.  The amorous thrill between two people in this setting can be nothing short of heartwarming and intoxicating all at the same time!   The possibilities are endless:  A drive through the country, antiquing in a small town, or an afternoon at a vineyard together, the type of jaunt that shows sophistication and elegance set in authentic surroundings.  A wine tasting gives a couple the chance to play off each other flirtatiously but can also show one’s tastes in what is being showcased in this atmosphere.  Pack a blanket, some wine glasses and a corkscrew, and find a secluded spot among the freshly harvested vines.  But be careful to pick a spot not overrun by birds getting a last minute meal of fallen grapes before continuing their migration!   Use this opportunity to bring back what lies beneath in a relationship that has endured the years.  Or, on the other hand, if this is a “date” or something new for both parties, it is a perfect setting for a “get to know” session.  A location that is peaceful and without interruption, or distractions, like a more urban setting can present.  The comfort level at this point is running high which will leave no room for stillness in the conversation.   Fall brings out deep emotions.  People latch onto them this time of year. This is the glow that will carry the emotional satisfaction that everyone needs right into the holidays where like autumn months, much giving and appreciation prevails.  That gleam of love is there and starts to build/rebuild.  By next summer’s end you may find yourself in a different place with the one by your side still there, along with the excitement that you know is coming at this captivating time.  Like Paul Bunyan has Babe, you too need to find your “Blue”.   Samantha Chibani is founder, and soul matchmaker with athipback