Hublot: Watch or time machine?

A marvel of ultra-modern design and micro-mechanical innovation, Hublot’s MP-

05 “LaFerrari” embodies the essence of raw power, of the shaking of the racetrack

under an engine’s deafening roar.


While the expressive lines of its black PVD titanium case evoke the aerodynamic

figure of Ferrari’s high-speed creation of the same name, the openwork aesthetics

of its dial integrate the movement’s construction in a symbolic demonstration of

thunderous engineering. In the center of the timepiece, a remarkable 11 barrels,

series-coupled in a piston-like spinal column, are responsible for the largest power

reserve ever in a hand-wound tourbillon wristwatch (50 days). The movement,

the most complex in Hublot’s history with a staggering 637 components, is further

propelled to the level of a masterpiece by its incorporation of a suspended vertical

tourbillon, revealed through an opening on the front of the watch. This gyroscopic

spectacle, enlarged to 14.5mm for the viewer’s delight, regulates the adverse effects

of gravity on the accuracy of the movement, and is mounted with an anodized

aluminum cylinder that indicates the seconds just below the spinal column. On

the right of the central structure, two additional cylinders display the hours and

minutes, while on the left, a mirroring architecture indicates the watch’s remaining

energy supply.

Wound with a special electronic tool reminiscent of those used in a Formula One pit

stop, this jaw-dropping tribute to the Italian racing legend takes its owner on the

thrill of a lifetime


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