What can’t be found online these days? Simply open a browser and you can cruise unlimited sites anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home or office. For even the most technically challenged, the Internet has become an instant access communication tool to garner up-to-date information on a multitude of topics; catch the latest trending YouTube sensation; and seek out love as a life enhancer! Question is: how is it that something so technologically mechanical has become a gateway to the most exhilarating of all emotions…Love?


The World Wide Web has become a mask that many singles hide behind; a place where personas are built to entice another’s response and to peak interest through a couple of charming and alluring selfies. This profile is built entirely out of desirable facts – a kind-of dangling the carrot approach. Most often a personal profile includes an attractive story of a successful life filled with giving intentions.

The number of on-line users of dating sites continues to grow exponentially. The percentage of couples that meet online is 1 in 4 and on the rise, with approximately 40% of relationships being initiated by men making the first inbox move or in other words, a congenial way to break the ice with a complete stranger who represents themselves in words as a keeper, should the desired subject bite.
Online dating has proven to lead to higher marriage fulfillment thus lower divorce rates by couples that partake in this method. However, despite the trend, many traditionalists feel that the web approach to finding companionship is unnatural and prefer to stick to the old fashioned style of courtship.

Taking the online route or whatever manner is chosen to seek out love is completely up to you. The outcome of a marital status is dependent only on the factors and effects that the roller coaster of life takes you on. All of the twists, turns, up and down emotions are what will decide the fate of your romance either coming to a screeching halt or jumping back on track.


Tweet, poke, chat, update status, hashtags … this lingo has become all part of the norm for online groupies. We decide consciously to let everyone on our “friends list” know where our love life stands and if “it’s complicated,” post the dirty details for all to see. Log onto a social media page, pull up an acquaintance from years past, scroll through their albums, and read the comments on their “wall” and you will quickly get the jist of whether or not they have found happiness and fulfillment over the years.

Many couples that take part in social media channels feel a misconstrued need to pour their heart out to the one they adore via the web. This may come across as an absolute act of sincere devotion, or just a way to validate to the world that “my life is perfect.” However, user beware. Do not be any different online than you are in your true form. This does not mean that should life give you and your companion lemons, that you should so sourly deliver them to the online world via a typographical battle. Instead, think of how you would judge another for airing their dirty laundry. Choose wisely what you share and with whom. A relationship can head south fast just by the type of a few keystrokes.


As we bid adieu to the days of snail mail and land-line phone calls, we welcome text and email as the modernized version of ink in our Bics. Unlike our parents, our fingers no longer spin the dials of rotary phones but are replaced with thumbs to the touchpad of a smartphone.

Welcome to the 21st century where SMS is often used to foster a relationship. A little text note “good morning” from someone you fancy can make your day seem a little brighter and put a bounce in your step. The flirtatious fun that can result from a quick e-bite message can instantly warm the soul and lead to a healthy evening of tenderness or more.

If you want to take that extra step to really make an impression via your laptop, shut the office door, open a fresh email page and compose an e-love letter that will leave your love interest breathless. It may seem like a trivial thing to do, but the thought will make your partner feel like they are on top of the world no matter how new or long-term the relationship may be. For those who have physical miles between them, try firing up the webcam and use that laptop as your face to face connection by surprising them with some sweet thoughts from your lips to reaffirm how much they are missed and desired.

Long gone are the days where a “computer geek” was the stereotypical guy with the black plastic glasses taped in the center, sporting a pair of suspenders, bowtie and pocket guard. Thanks to state-of-the art telecommunications, the modern Preferred man can master use of the Internet as an effective tool to the heart of romance.

Samantha Chibani is the founder, and soul matchmaker with