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The Art of Seduction Through the Senses

Written by Samantha Chibani


How did the Huxtables make it look so easy? The romance that never faded; the charm as Cliff threw on an instrumental track to entice Clair into a romantic liaison on their living room couch. The crooning of the saxophone winds as he playfully fed his wife, of many years, bites of a not so forbidden apple. The Cosby Show was a simple 80’s sitcom that a majority of adult baby boomers enjoyed in the evenings for sheer entertainment.

Now, take that moment of fictionalized television romance and apply it to everyday life. Though their characters were fictitious, the Huxtables were still a couple that had to keep the thrill alive for a viewing audience to appreciate the spectacle of romance that is much needed in a healthy relationship.

Music is an art of seduction that has played out through the decades. Today, we are more accepting of explicit song lyrics and raunchy music videos than was tolerated in the past. Accepting however, doesn’t mean that there needs to be someone strewn naked on a “wrecking ball,” or licking a sledge-hammer to set the mood.

Long before the uninhibited 2000’s, we had singers belting out tunes that when played would trigger libidos. Marvin Gaye preached through his Billboard Topping hit to sweethearts everywhere to “Let’s Get It On.” In the 1980’s, George Michael’s album entitled, “I Want Your Sex” paid homage to physical love and lust. And in the 90’s, Trent Reznor wrote and gave his chant of animalistic allurement with the not so radio air appropriate “Closer.”

Was this all too much?

Certainly not! This isn’t a call to action for men to go digging through old 45’s, compact discs and cassettes tossed aside in brown corrugated boxes buried deep in the back of their closets to set the mood with the one they are engaged in. Guys take heed, there are countless other ways to get the point across.

Truth be told, it’s way easier for a woman to make a man go “gaga” over her than for a man to spark a flame. Men are visual creatures by habit. The testosterone flows at the sight of their match showcasing herself wearing a low cut blouse, or flaunting a high wasted skirt that sits well above the knee, or pursing her lips while attentively listening to the object of her desire.

Naturally as a couple adds years to the belts of their commitment to one another, the woman looks for, or expects the man to make moves that keeps her “hooked on a feeling.” Women crave the need to feel wanted in a way other than meeting the monotonous womanly duties of their everyday life. They are psychological beings that need to feed on the fact that they are desired.

Many men feel that sex, in a marriage, or after a prolonged time in a committed relationship is just a part of the packaged deal. It’s a given. But what is sex without sultry allure? Is it not worth learning how to seduce your spouse? What’s the fallback here?

Looking at the simple pros and cons weighing on a center beam balance scale, odds are it will definitely be tipping on the side where seduction lies. Playing upon such actions of cajolery (verb- to persuade by flattery or pleasing talk to do what one wants; coax) is only going to make her more enthusiastic, and prompt intimacy and passion toward the man that is taking the reins and driving the carriage toward affinity.

Use her senses! Sight: which can be as easy as adorning stylish attire on a long awaited “date night” for the two of you. The bearded rockers, ZZ Top said it best when they piped, “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.” Take that look and find a quaint corner booth together at an oyster bar. Order up some half shells to compliment that Champagne, and indulge in an aphrodisiac that will linger long into the evening.

Stimulate through smell. It has been clinically proven time and again that a woman’s sense of smell is far more advanced than a man’s. This doesn’t mean taking a plunge in the dunk tank of your favourite eau de toilette. Scent is an invisible source of sexuality. The aroma of cinnamon has been known to increase appetite, both physical and sexual. The essence of almond is another one that particularly arouses women. Pick up some scented massage oil or lotion and stimulate not only her olfactories, but enjoy a playful sense of touch as well.

So gentlemen, take a page from Cliff’s Huxtable’s playbook on romance: toss on some sensual mood music and she will be putty in your hands. Make sense?

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