ROSSO’S BESPOKE From Fabric to Finish


Photography by Allen A Mekies

Sure, any man can buy a suit off the rack, but only a man of character understands the value of a bespoke tailored garment custom to fit to his frame, personality, and needs.

From fabric to finish, Rosso’s Bespoke in Toronto creates tailored apparel that is a building process. “We encourage our clients to experience a suit from the ground up,” said Diego Casa. “It all starts with a piece of fabric. From there we nurture a relationship to properly understand a clients needs and expectations for the piece or pieces that they are buying.”

Like anything of quality, bespoke tailored garments take time and care to produce. Described as a methodical process of defining style, to accurate measurement, to cutting and tailoring, to the end result; a thoughtfully crafted garment can take up to two weeks to complete.

And, what is an exceptional suit without the right accessories? Rosso’s Bespoke carries a full line of menswear to complete the look tip to toe.

From ready-to-wear to custom tailored, Rosso’s Bespoke is the boutique menswear specialists that have built a long-standing tradition founded on quality craftsmanship and client relationships. “You don’t change your barber or your priest,” said Casa. “And you definitely don’t change your tailor!”