Daniel Hanifan is an artist best known for his oversized paintings – one of the largest being twenty-six feet wide – filled with layers of colors and natural color textures. After always adding more to the canvas, Hanifan has learned to walk away from a piece and come back to hear what the painting has to say. His numerous exhibits including, “Le Coulour Explosion”, “New York Second Avenue Collection”, “The Sound of Colors”, “Unwritten Poetry and Music”, and “Two Artists, One Night, One Place, One Time” have been well received by art collectors and critics in extended art circles and communities. Hanifan’s works adorn private collections in the United States, Japan, and Europe. The artists influences and inspirations are many: the philosophy and dance of Agnes Demille, the poetry of Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, or the paintings of Jackson Pollack and others. They are always there. He would like every person attending, regardless of the exhibit or the city, to walk away with a unique experience. “Daniel Hanifan’s work involves exquisitely crafted tactile surfaces,” commented Earle McKey, well-known artist, writer, and critic whose work has been displayed in Tiffany’s. “His palette is masterful with color that reflects all the luminosity of ancient Thai silks.” The road traveled by Hanifan to that of a successful artist has had many detours, expressways, peaks and valleys including acting, interior and commercial design, and artistic directing. But he made it. Well-known and highly respected art critic Dean Polling wrote, “Daniel’s art is BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL. It explores the relationship of colors and how they interact side by side in complimentary relief or dynamic contrast. These strokes and compositions can be striking as this relationship plays across vast canvases, but these canvases are not always large enough for Hanifan’s taste. Daniel Hanifan, after all, works larger than life.”

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