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VDF Wines Gives You Pitars

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The wine making family of Pitars in northern Italy’s friuli traces its origin back to 1510. The grave doc (the name, like that of bordeaux’s graves region, comes from the gravely soil). The estate enjoys great success with the cultivation of international and indigenous grape varieties, including the pino tgrigio, the glera that goes in to prosecco, also the white ribolla gialla and the reds merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and refosco. This is an area sheltered by alps and dolomites from the cold northern winds and caressed by the light breeze from the Adriatic sea, providing a micro climate particularly suited to the cultivation of grape vines, thanks to the thermal excursion day-night, exalted by the widespread stony surface of the ground. A land with a strong personality and where grapes grow with absolutely unique fragrances. Nowadays the Pitars’ winery is managed by the fourth generation of this family. There are four brothers that manage the family winery. They have managed to combine experience, knowledge and modernity. Particularly in its sparkling, white and red wines one can taste this philosophy. In their cellar, built with wood according to eco-sustainable criteria and alimented by renewable energetic sources, age wines that are fresh like the tagliamento waters (the larger river of the region), perfumed like the alpine flowers and mineral like this rocky soil. This rich range of premium vintage wines is naos, a oak-aged blend of refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso, merlot and cabernet franc: a powerful ruby red wine of beautiful intensity, mighty and charming to the nose, with hints of black pepper, tobacco, leather, bilberry, coffee and bitter chocolate. The sipis firm, soft, fat, with great gustative impact on dry registers with soft tannins and avery long balsamic ending. Produced only in some special vintages with an ancient family receipt in 6.000 Numbered bottles, naos is the symbol of Pitars, a precious wine that standout among the other labels. The name naos means the homonynous star, one of the most luminous stars of the Milky Way. The ideal wine for those who can appreciate the pure fruits of nature and the productions that respects it.

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