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Photography by Bishop Olivia

Recognized as one of the top 50 festivals in Ontario, Pride Toronto brought ten days of merriment to

celebrate diverse sexuality and gender identities throughout our city of grand acceptance. The masses,

being estimated at over 1.2 million people in total, were nothing shy of supportive. Though a packed

event, it remained to be loads of fun that continued buzzing as the convivial atmosphere approached its

close Sunday afternoon (June 28th), starting with the trademark Pride Parade. Subsequent to the

signature march, attendees had the opportunity to continue rejoicing at the Pride Treehouse Party,

appealingly nestled in the Greenspace at Ryerson Quad, to toast the final day.

Amidst such luscious space was the VIP lounge made exclusively for TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege

cardholders. Not only did this relaxed and tranquil environment provide some overhead shelter from

the June drizzles, it also offered a place where like-minded Pride-goers could indulge in noshing on

Brazilian barbecued meats, vibrant salads and delectable skewers adorning fresh fruit, veggies and

cheeses to keep all energized and revived.

To wash all of the appetizing cuisine down was an illustrious set up to one side of the lounge tent, by

one of Toronto’s most prolific bartenders, Frankie Solarik of “Barchef” – rated by Food & Wine Magazine

as one of the “top seven new and innovative bars in the world”. Members of the TD Aeroplan Visa

Infinite Privilege card stood and sipped in astonished bewilderment at his unconventional cocktail

creations being concocted before their eyes; combining fresh herbs, exquisite flavour profiles along with

a constant lure of attractive scents and textures to arouse all of the senses. The space also offered a

beer and wine table, for those with such preference.

The added perks that TD Aeroplan provides to their Visa Infinite Privilege members never stops as they

cover all bases to keep their holders treated with the utmost respect and luxury that they deserve, no

matter what the surroundings. From their high-top cruisers & stools, comfy couches adorned with lovely

floral displays on the tables, an umbrella stand and basket of ponchos for those who chose to weather

the rain alongside the well stoked fire for added ambiance and chill removal, the VIP experience was

nothing short of accommodating and enjoyable. To top the added treatment cigarette boys dressed in

vintage attire constantly made the rounds delivering mouth-watering, gourmet Augie pops

enthusiastically and should anyone feel as though the damp weather got the best of them a “Quickie”

station with vanity lights had been set up nearby, where both men & women could sit comfortably with

make-up artists on site to give them cosmetic refreshers thereby making attendees feel just as stunning

as they headed into the evening.

To be a part of these extraordinary events, become a TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege cardholder

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