Your Personal Doctor is On-Call


Doctor Eric Hatashita MD CCFP FCFP, fondly known to his patients as “Dr. Eric”, is Personal Physician to many executives in the Greater Toronto Area. Regal Health Services, located in downtown Toronto, has Dr. Eric as Medical Director for the many busy and discerning clientele who opt in to this unique service for the convenience and exceptional service that the clinic provides.


Dr. Eric was born in Toronto and trained at U of T (University of Toronto). With more than 30 years of experience, which include being Chief Resident at Mt. Sinai Hospital and emergency physician, Dr. Eric is more well known for being the Royal Family Physician to King Abdullah and his extensive family from 2001 – 2005 in Saudi Arabia.


When Dr. Eric came back home to Canada, he noticed a void in the usual health care services. The missing links were the 24/7 availability to reach your family doctor and the ability to get care at your home or office via telephone or computer. With this new awareness, Dr. Eric formed Regal Health Services. Regal is a unique medical clinic, specializing in concierge executive health. The clinic provides an annual Comprehensive Health Assessment and follows through with continued personalized support 365 days a year by phone and email 24/7 to all its patients to ensure continuity of care and achievement of individual health goals.


Dr. Eric points out that he is always on call by phone for medical emergencies. For the convenience and expediency it provides, Regal also uses email to send patients requisitions, advice and test results. No more making those follow up appointments to the family doctor to get your test results. He also finds email extremely important for the busy traveling executive who may be in another city, or indeed, another continent but still has a medical question or concern that requires an answer within the day.  For example, he states, “That little bubbly rash above the eyebrow can be the start of a shingles attack that can travel painfully into the eye and antivirals must be started within 48 hrs to be effective.”
Where Regal is most convenient is in the 24 hour phone support.  As an example, if someone calls Dr. Eric on a Friday night at 10:30 pm with stroke symptoms, Dr. Eric can inform them every minute counts and to proceed directly to the closest ‘stroke hospital’, which, in Toronto, are Sunnybrook, Toronto Western, and St Michael’s Hospital. Since Regal has an electronic medical record, Dr. Eric is able to fax the destination hospital the patient’s latest blood tests, medication list and other critical information. Regal also has a connection with New York Presbyterian Hospital (where Bill Clinton went when he had a heart attack). Arrangements can be made for willing patients that are vacationing anywhere in the USA for special expertise south of the border.

The Medical Clinic provides enhanced healthcare that begins with a Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Assessment which entails a thorough personal history and medical examination, blood tests, EKG, ultrasounds or x-rays. All medically necessary tests are covered under OHIP, as usual. As a client of the clinic, you benefit from 24/7 emergency medical telephone advice from your Personal Physician, with email communication and advice via your Physician’s Blackberry 8am-8pm, 7 days a week, a paramedic home or office visit for taking blood, urine, EKG or vital signs (two visits per year) is included. You also get three consultations with allied health care professionals of your choice including a dietitian, psychologist, chiropractor/physiotherapist, massage therapy, optometrist, podiatrist, audiologist, or fitness coach, prescriptions (new or refills) phoned or faxed to your pharmacy without an office visit. Also included is a wallet CD for your personal medical records with copies of pertinent X-rays, EKG, labs, etc. a first aid kit with sterile supplies, bandages, tape and common over the counter medications; 14 emergency prescriptions for infections, rashes and other common ailments for immediate use; quarterly mini physicals if necessary, and so much more.


Regal Health has a limited number of clients that they can accommodate. The annual fee is only $3,300, which is an eligible medical expense for tax purposes. There are no other fees. To book your complimentary consultation, contact Regal Health Services by phone at 416 340 0700 or email:


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