Proudly based in Toronto, Canada, Preferred Magazine is the luxury lifestyle magazine for men who, no matter where they live, enjoy a global perspective. magazine and online properties are assembled with an eye for uniqueness, a dash of wit, and a pinch of the female form. Unafraid to challenge industry clichés, we stand apart with our attention to detail and original content designed to stimulate, educate, and entertain.

Carlo Greco


With over three decades of experience working in the publishing industry, Carlo has created some exceptional boutique print publications.His extensive network within the men’s lifestyle and creative industries has continually afforded him the privilege of attracting and working alongside A-list celebrities, luxury brands, and some of Canada’s finest talent in print and digital media world.

The Preferred Team


Teresa Greco

Sarah Macalisang
Creative Director

Rick Young & Jay Kamdar
Managing Directors Europe & Asia

Lindsay Anne Delaney
Photographer – Fashion Editor

Orion Armstrong
Events Director
Ryan Buan
Photographer & Videographer.

Monique Simpson
Senior Writer

Alex Jackson
Senior Writer

Colin Keddy
Senior Writer

Muhammad Khizar Iqbal
Online Editor