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So sets the stage for the  Rolex legacy that is celebrating its seventh consecutive year as a Global Partner and the Official Timepiece of Formula  1®.  Launching the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship™ series with the Formula  1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix on March 15, the sport’s pinnacle series welcomed Finland’s Valtteri Bottas,  of team Mercedes to the 2019 inaugural podium with a perfect score of 26 points.

The  2019 season,  spanning  21 races worldwide from  March to  December, will feature several milestones including,  the 1,000 Grand Prix™ with the April Formula 1 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix 2019. In addition,  Formula  1® will celebrate 90 years since its inaugural race during the May Formula 1 Grand Prix De Monaco 2019.

It is the mark of a true masterpiece that has the fortitude to withstand the decades and to continually thrive to be exemplary within their respective realms.  It is this tour de force that perfectly marries Rolex and Formula 1®. “I am very proud of the great heritage of Formula  1 and the small part I have played in its history,” stated  Nico Rosberg, 2016 FIA Formula 1® Drivers’ World Champion.  “Formula 1 continues to be one of the most  technologically advanced  sports  in the world and these attributes – legacy, excellence and innovation – fit perfectly with Rolex.”

Rolex’s ties with motorsport date back to the 1930s and Sir Malcolm Campbell.   Dubbed “the king of speed” and wearing a Rolex watch, Campbell set a land speed record of over 485 km/h in 1935 behind the wheel of the infamous  Bluebird. Since then, Rolex’s presence in motor racing has grown steadily with the icon brand supporting a host of global endurance motor speed races. It is a love affair that continues to flourish on the Formula 1® circuit.

Rolex partnered with Formula   1®  in  2013 and has supported such race legends as Rolex Testimonee, Sir Jackie Stewart since 1968.   This September, the Scottish champion will be a guest of the Monza 2019 circuit where he clinched his first championship 50 years ago to the day: an achievement of great emotional intensity for any racecar driver.

“I’ve always felt emotion is dangerous  for a racing driver,”

said Stewart, “but I hope there is a little flush of it when I get to Monza this year. I’m incredibly proud, and fortunate,  to have seen the sport grow in prestige  as well as from a safety perspective, it’s a wonderful story.”

Formula  1® is a story that continues to captivate fans worldwide who are drawn to this lightning speed,  high adrenaline sport. It is a unique motor race that endeavours in its quest to redefine the limits of technology and test the mental and physical endurance of its athletes in their pursuit for perfection.  The competition’s persistent spirit, as well as its commitment to bold performance, timeless elegance,  and innovative bravado aligns closely with Rolex’s passion for continuous excellence.

Unrivalled in its reputation for quality and expertise, the Swiss manufacturer headquartered in Geneva,  is a global leader in timepiece production. Rolex watches are symbols of excellence, sophistication and prestige bar none. Each watch embodies the company’ vision and values of quality and advancement. An integrated and independent manufacturing company since 1926, Rolex has registered over 500 patents since its inception and is a proud patron of such sectors as art and culture, sport, exploration and those committed to saving the planet.

Formula  1® and Rolex is a relationship founded in like ideologies that will enjoy an exciting and successful 2019 season and remain integrated sports partners for years to come.

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