A Warm Welcome in a Cold Climate

By Rony Mikhael

The drive from Vancouver airport to Whistler was quite an experience. As Carlo took the wheel, I was quite happy to ride shotgun and take some time to take in the beauty of the west coast, while I poked and prodded this beautiful piece of automotive craftsmanship. Driving through some of the more urban roads, I couldn’t help but think how big we felt, driving the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve. Not just physically, but based on the faces that watched us drive by, we couldn’t help but feel a little larger than life.

As with any congested city street, one must always make room for the element of surprise; I say this recalling the moment when traffic came to an instantaneous halt, catching us completely off guard. What caught us off guard first, however, was not the motionless car ahead of us, but rather the Lincoln’s alert system drawing our attention to the lifeless vehicle. The sensors on the Navigator allowed a clear, yet elegant warning, alerting us that a car had stopped ahead and that we should probably do so as well. Thank you, Lincoln, thank you.


The Lincoln Embrace

Approaching the vehicle, we were welcomed by a host of lights illuminating certain features of the car: the LED-illuminated Lincoln Star logo on the front grille, the Lincoln Star projection providing an illuminated welcome mat on ground, and even lights to indicate the location of the door handles—all lights elegantly fading gracefully and non-intrusively.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve Exterior Lights

The illuminated running board gently descends, assisting even the most capable of individuals, accompanied by a gorgeous, thick leather handle with which to pull yourself up into the vehicle with.

The Technology

The main console on the dash consolidates all the functions required for any drive. From simple functions like setting the temperature and finding music, to adjusting your Perfect Position Seat, the interface provides an accessible platform to make the ride as enjoyable as possible. To allow for a safer drive, the Navigator offers the Heads-Up Display, projecting the most pertinent driving information onto the windshield ahead of your as you drive.

Every model features 4G LTE Wi-Fi and a wireless phone charger, as well as the option of the rear-seat entertainment system, boasting 10-inch adjustable screens that allow you to stream wirelessly or plug in a device—this is not your mom’s old minivan DVD system! I would be remiss to not mention the sound system which we promptly tested, pumping the volume generously to test the Revel® Ultima® Audio System that is sure to never peak, each of the 20 well-positioned speakers containing their own subwoofers within. Pair that feature with the Stereo, Audience, and Onstage sound modes that allow you to hear your favorite band as if you were listening live.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Interior View
2018 Lincoln Navigator Media Center

The Drive

The drive back from Whistler to the Vancouver airport was unlike any other drive I had done before. Along with the snow and rain that would greet us enthusiastically along the whole way, the drive was a consistently windy path down the side of a mountain—not the kind of drive to be done in anything short of a strong, well-performing vehicle. Luckily, the vehicle was equipped with six different drive modes available at the twist of a dial, allowing for superior handling through slippery conditions, hilly terrains, or even just to drive with a power boost; each mode accompanied by an entertaining yet appropriate graphic to signify which one is engaged. The 3.5L Twin-Turbocharged engine and adaptive suspension also helped make this ride just that much more powerful and smooth.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve Driving Experience


The Icing on the Cake

Comfort was obviously one of the keywords that informed the design of this car. The seats are designed in such a way that virtually every part of the body can be individually supported perfectly. Not only that, but Lincoln has also developed the Active Motion massage feature, allowing not only a comfortable ride but a therapeutic one as well.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve exterior view, a door handle

The vehicle as a whole was clearly crafted with tremendous thoughtfulness. Even the consistency of the font used on the physical and digital elements of the car proves an enormous attention to detail that most car manufacturers overlook. The colour options available alone speak to the sophistication exuded by this brand. Class and utility, a true testament to the principles of the best design, thoughtfully marrying form with function. Here’s to what’s sure to be another great year for Lincoln.

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