By Samantha Chibani

Meals Made Sexy

Being health conscious these days of both food and calorie intake can make one feel invigorated mentally, emotionally, and physically. A consistent dietary change can increase self-confidence, reduce sluggishness with heightened energy, and even lengthen life span. The benefits to healthy life-choices are relentlessly preached by fitness gurus; in health magazines; via infomercials, and through mainstream media outlets. There is no doubt that all this fit for life information is valuable; but there is another reason to jump on the bandwagon to better health. With the right selection of certain foods, you may find that not only is your body healthier and happier, but that your significant other is overtly thankful for your enhanced libido and superior stamina. So, let’s eat!


Fueling your body in the AM hours can be more stimulating than you think. On the menu, breakfast in bed for two including a hearty dose of L-arginine: a chemical building block that you may have never heard of until now but one that will make the idea a bowl of piping hot oatmeal a little more tantalizing. This amino acid is a precursor to nitric oxide, a substance that enhances the arousal response and further increases blood circulation. The breakfast of champions! For a little added flavour, try a dash of cinnamon with your oatmeal; a natural spice that heats up the body and in return, your sexual urge. And why stop there! Boost your “bowl of enticement” with a splash of almond milk that is said to increase a man’s sex drive. All fired up and ready to go, some ‘under the covers’ exercise to work off the morning meal is a great way to start your day.


Break up the midday madness by packing a basket and a blanket and laying it out in a peaceful outdoor setting to take advantage of more than just the arrival of ‘sweater weather.’ A picnic spread of prosciutto, fine cheeses, and olives shows a well thought out luncheon that boasts numerous enhancing attributes and puts PB&J to shame. The fine, thinly sliced Italian cured ham, like oatmeal, contains arginine as well as zinc, which can lead to impotence, and lower hormone levels in men if not consumed in adequate measure. Olives, predominantly green ones, were a favourite as far back as Ancient Greece, to aide in the power of seduction, whereas for women, black olives seemed to get the job done. And, as for cheese, these luscious chunks of aged pressed curds certainly do their trick! Embraced in Italian culture as an aphrodisiac, cheese contains a chemical compound called phenylethylamine that heightens mood desire and functions as a sexual stimulant. Devouring this dairy delight goes a step further with its combination of phosphorus and calcium that increases saliva by lowering the acidity levels in one’s mouth. So, chow down and pucker up!


The final and traditionally largest meal of the day, dinner is the opportune time to slow down and savour both a nourishing feast and good company. To start, may we suggest a delectable fish fillet packed with omega-3’s that prime you for arousal due to a rise in dopamine levels. Should you be more of a turf over surf lover, a steak grilled to perfection is a suitable replacement with its zinc, dopamine, and testosterone elevating compounds. And as a side to your protein, a heaping helping of folate-enriched asparagus; these seasoned lanky spears are packed with B vitamin that increases histamine which is essential to sexual arousal. Fun fact, the French word asperge’ is slang for …. hmmm ….. a gentleman’s sex organ. Don’t forget the wine and be sure not to skip dessert. Wrap up dinner with a traditional fall favourite slice of pumpkin pie and a dollop of whipped cream. The aroma of pumpkin is at the top of researched smells that get the biggest “rise” out of men. Breakfast, lunch or dinner: whatever food fixes you crave, always remember that the most gratifying meal choice is the one that satiates all of your carnal appetites. Bon Appétit!

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