Their relationship was like no other, a literal match made in heaven.
By Natalie Servello

Legends Steve McQueen and Siegfried Rauch played unyielding rivals in the 1971 feature film Le Mans and shared the deepest of bonds, like brothers, to be more accurate, off camera. These motorsport legends sure grasped the attention of true motorsports fans and built a cohesive reputation in the film industry up to date. The highly anticipated memoir by publishers Delius Klashing plunges into the exclusive 24 hours of Le Mans.

In this exclusive memoir readers are exposed to the never before published documents of the expedite. A vast amount of history and appreciation has risen from these brilliant documents that include, letters from Steve Siggi and private photos from the families’ personal albums. The memoire is an artifact in itself as it further explores the facts, photographs and behind the scenes of the ever-so-classic 1971 film. It is the ability to identify first hand Steve McQueen’s creation of a cinematic monument – a realistic exploration of drivers, mechanics and racing in general – that results in this book earning a rank of top calibre.

The film truly captured the accurate depiction of fast machines and fast times as well as unescapable heartbreak.  Rauch took pride in his role as a rival to McQueen and it was their true bond off-screen which led to their success on-screen. The two actors easily established themselves as one of the most memorable film duos.

It is exceptional to witness the growth and excellence in art and that is just what Le Mans (1971) has become – art. This memorabilia grasps the utmost essential aspects of the film and shares it with the world on a grand scale. Evidently, this film has made history in both the film and motorsport industries, and as individuals in the 20th century we are lucky to have experienced this cinematic monument.

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