Becoming Hautie, While most four-year-olds dream of digging into sweet treats, Rachel was all about the heat.  Peppers, hot sauce… if it melted mouths, it pleased the palate of this native Trinidadian. She grew up eating pepper sauce made by her parents and grandfather.

“The flavour and fire I grew up eating and loving wasn’t easily available when I went out for dinner so I often carried my mom’s hot sauce in my purse.”

Rachel was accustomed to adding the homemade sauce to virtually every dish she ate including when traveling. “I forgot to pack the hot sauce on my honeymoon and that was when my obsession pivoted into creation. I made a hot sauce from the peppers I found on the island trees in Bora Bora and Hautie was born.”

The rich and unique flavour that Rachel concocted on her honeymoon gave her the inspiration to create Hautie. Rachel then decided to make a good quality natural hot sauce in small batches made with the finest hand-picked ingredients. Hautie is not only bursting with heat and flavor, it is also completely natural, gluten free and preservative free.

In crafting this distinctly flavourful hot sauce, Rachel most enjoys the diverse nature of the peppers she works with and how these beautiful peppers all have their own unique flavours and personalities. “From one batch to the next there are subtle differences in each batch I make,” added Rachel. The one thing that never changes is how incredible the taste is and how much it can enhance any dish.”

Made in artisanal small batches and sold directly to customers from the Hatuie.ca website, Rachel has recently introduced a line of chutneys in mango, pineapple and lime flavours. She enjoys catering social gatherings for friends to share exotic dishes such as mishkaki, cassava chips, piloray, liver pate, red herring, salt fish\ and wantons.

Rachel has found she can use her love of entertaining and hosting to allow others to experience her culinary creations,  donating to charitable organizations around the city.To order Hautie and make your next meal, an unforgettable dining experience, visit hautie.ca

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