This premium one-time release is the first of the new series, inviting Canadians and kindred spirits to explore the craft and expertise Canadian Club has to offer.

Canadian Club is pleased to announce the release of The Invitation Series, a new series of modern expressions, marking the occasion with the inaugural release of Issue No. 1, Canadian Club Classic 15 Year Old Sherry Cask. The premium marque sees award-winning Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old through a second aging in Oloroso sherry casks, marrying the richness and sweetness of sherry with the renowned features of classic Canadian Club. The exclusive release will be available across Canada in limited quantities this November.

The launch of the Invitation Series serves as a hand-poured personal welcome to Canadian whisky explorers, designed to celebrate old stories and new beginnings. “This Series is my personal, heartfelt invitation to you to explore Canadian Club, its legacy and enticing expressions, and connect with a community of kindred spirits,” says Canadian Club Brand Ambassador Tish Harcus. “Why the Invitation Series you may ask? Invitations hold the promise of good things to come, such as camaraderie, enriching adventures, old friends, older stories, and the chance to write new ones. Canadian Club exists at the heart of all that.”

“As leading experts for more than 160 years, the brand’s continued success can be attributed to the consistent quality we put in every bottle,” shares Danielle Milette, senior brand manager of Canadian Club. “The new spirit, and series, offer an opportunity for whisky explorers at any stage to discover the essence of Canadian Club through modern and relevant expressions.”

Canadian Club Classic 15 Year Old Sherry Cask boasts an enchanting auburn hue, with a spicy creaminess on the palate, with the secondary aging in sherry casks lending subtle sweetness and warmth through hints of toffee, and rich mellow wood.

The expressions of the Invitation Series will lean into the mastery Canadian Club has honed through more than a century of excelling in crafting quality liquids, extending a warm welcome to the Club of Kindred Spirits.

Canadian Club Classic 15 Year Old Sherry Cask is set to be on shelves this November across Canada, excluding Quebec, at a suggested retail price of $89.95/ 750mL, with an ABV of 42%.

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