Crafted with consideration over decades, Bowmore® Timeless Series is a celebration of time, but with a definitive appreciation as to how each moment comes to bear on the character of the whisky. Today, Bowmore unveils its latest addition to the Timeless Series – a rare and exquisite whisky aged 29 years, once again showcasing the dedicated creative process which sits at the heart of Bowmore.

This Timeless expression launch is in collaboration with award-winning pianist, singer and composer, Hania Rani, who was truly captivated by the remarkable spirit of Bowmore’s home of Islay during her visit. Hania’s trip to Islay provided her with the final inspiration to complete ‘The Boat,’ a piece of original all-encompassing musical art forged from components shaped by her diverse experiences and recent time on Islay.

Bowmore Timeless Series is a collection of aged whiskies showcasing the intentional creation process, which enables new flavours to reveal themselves as the spirit matures over time. Created from a combination of exceptional Sherry-seasoned European oak casks and ex-bourbon American oak barrels filled in 1991 and 1992, the limited-edition Bowmore Timeless 29 Year Old promises true multidimensionality. With a cask strength of 53.7 percent and a flavour profile of dark fruits akin to sherry-soaked raisins, cocoa, bitter orange, cherry blossom and liquorice – the intense richness of this whisky is paramount. The immersion on the palate is rich and layered, again reflecting a depth of sweetness contrasted with peat and sea salt flavours. Calum Fraser, Master Blender, said, “We are pleased to introduce a very special and rare single malt as part of Bowmore Timeless Series, which we believe captures the essence of time beautifully and showcases how special aged Bowmore truly is. We purposefully strive for more character by harnessing the optimal conditions and protecting the precise processes used to ensure that we bring bold flavours to the front. Timeless 29 Year Old is testament to the fact that our spirit ages like no other and keeps delivering breadth and depth of flavour as it matures.”

Inspired by the classic hourglass shape, the expression is housed in a distinctive black box. Inside the bottle sits alongside an hourglass, which once turned, allows nature’s gravity to release the grains of sand into the base of the hourglass giving three precious minutes to enjoy the nose of this beautifully balanced sensorial masterpiece that has taken decades to perfect.

The sensorial masterpiece is further brought to life through the mesmerizing music of Hania Rani. The collaboration creates a rich and immersive moment. Together with the virtuoso composer, Bowmore explores the complex and multi-layered world of single malt whisky, alongside that of Hania’s artistic vision. Reflective of Bowmore’s expressive character, music too is the composition of many aspects of sound, carefully and skilfully blended to create harmony which genuinely thrills the senses and enriches the soul, just like every drop of Bowmore’s expressive single malt. A classically trained pianist born in Poland, Hania now works within the realms of the neo-classical genre, improvising and composing her own music as her own way of communication, and the complete interpretation of her art. The distinctive richness and diversity of her references set her apart and make her far more than a musician.

Commenting on her experience on Islay, Hania Rani, said, “Nature is central to my inspiration and being on Islay really amplified my own sense of natural connection. There is something about Bowmore because it comes from Islay, rooted in the land shaped by nature, which perfectly represents The Boat. Listening to the song, you are transported to another place as you forget about the passage of time and become immersed in the moment.”

The resulting exclusive musical composition, titled The Boat, sets the tone for an intriguingly immersive journey of captivation, calling on the rich natural beauty of Islay and uniting it with the utmost multi-sensorial collaboration. Visually realized through an intensely personal film, Hania’s own complexly expressive nature comes together with Bowmore to unite the worlds of music and whisky in a refreshing and mesmerizing way.

The Bowmore Timeless Series is a compelling and immersive whisky experience built around their expressive character and the creative flair of Hania Rani, paying homage to this dynamic and captivating collaboration. Bowmore Timeless 29 Year Old is limited edition with just 3,000 bottles available globally. Priced at $4,250 CAD and available for purchase across Canada as of this month in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

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