Smoking a cigar is one of the most exquisite delights one can experience. It is an amazing tasting experience but many people fail to experience it at its maximum because they don’t know how to choose the right Cuban cigar. There are many guidelines out there but one thing that you have to keep into your mind is that smoking a cigar is a subjective experience, meaning that a cigar that you love may be hated by another. But there are some classic points from which you can start this delightful experience.


  1. Brand
    The cigar brands are very different in terms of the manufacturing process, the quality of the materials and cigar styles. There are many brands that are known for premium cigars that guarantee a delightful experience and others that are more budget-friendly and still very tasty. But besides this, many brands have a distinctive trait that makes them unique. Whether we are talking about the design, the aromas, the fullness and so on, you should research and see which brand suits your tastes the most. After this, all you have to do is try them and see which is your ultimate favorite.


  1. Aging
    The age of the cigar is very important because it modifies the strength and aromas. A young cigar tends to be on the lighter side in terms of strength and has an acidic undertone. More than that, younger cigars have fainter aromas while the aged ones are often characterized by bursts of flavor.Also, an older cigar that had an aging time between 3 and 5 years often displays a more complex taste pattern thanks to the aging process and the cigars near which it was aged. In addition, aged cigars tend to have a fuller and heavier smoke than the other, being a bit more difficult to smoke for those who don’t have lots of experience.
  1. Strength
    This is one of the key features of a cigar. The strength is given by the type of tobacco, the blend, the manufacturing process and the aging time. If you are at the beginning of this experience, a light cigar is advised in order to be able to gradually enjoy the cigars and to gain more smoking experience.Medium-bodied cigars can be defined as the best of both worlds. They can be enjoyed by all types of smokers and they are not very harsh and one of the best examples is Cohiba Siglo III Full-bodied cigars tend to be heavy and strong and they often require some smoking experience.
  1. Size
    The size of the cigar is the main factor that influences the smoking time of the cigar. When we talk about the size of the cigar we can refer to the length and the thickness of the cigar. A long and slim cigar like Partagas Lusitanias can be smoked in about the same time as a short and thick one. If you want to have a long and delightful smoke, go for a long cigar that also has a large gauge size. This way you will have a smoking time that will often exceed an hour. For a quick and tasty smoke, go for a short and slim cigar.
    1. Vitola
      The vitola or, in popular terms, the shape of the cigar often influences the strength and burn. Certain cigar shapes are also correlated with a certain brand and, therefore, with a certain trait. In order to choose the best vitola for you, first, see what brand best suits your taste and the traits of certain types of vitola. The beauty of a certain vitola can be an important factor but the taste should definitely prime.
  1. Aromas
    Spice, sweetness, earth, leather and so on. There are countless types of aromas and just as many combinations. The light cigars tend to go for floral, citrus and sweetness while the fuller ones present bursts of flavor and deep notes like leather, cedar, and earth. Of course, there are many combinations that are delicious and the best way to find out what suits you the best id by trying them in order to see which one tickles your palate the most. It is a subjective experience and the choice should be based on your own personal taste
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