Echoing the brand’s dedication to wellness, supporting global communities, and sustainable consumption, actor Josh Duhamel has joined the Canadian lifestyle and athleisure brand Lolë as a brand ambassador, equity investor, and part owner.  An outdoor enthusiast himself, Duhamel is thrilled about becoming an advocate for eco-friendly and wellness-infused lifestyles across Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

Lolë’s versatile and high-performance products are designed to allow travelers to feel good about their clothing and lifestyle choices no matter where they decide to travel. The partnership with Duhamel launches Lolë’s new travel-wear line for men across North America. “There’s a rugged yet fashion-forward element to the line that speaks to both outdoor adventurers and urban explorers,” says Duhamel, “Lolë will travel.”

Recognized for his appearances in the Transformers movie franchise and several other films and television series, including the upcoming Jupiter’s Legacy series and directorial debut with Buddy Games in 2020, Josh Duhamel’s busy lifestyle made him a perfect ambassador for the athleisure brand.  “Like most people, my days get hectic between being a parent, working, and maintaining an active lifestyle,” says Duhamel. “Lolë takes an ‘everyday basic’ and gives it a cutting-edge style that allows you to go from a meeting to a spontaneous hike in the woods, or whatever it is that you’re into. I love that the brand is very mindful, making conscious decisions about what products are used to create environmental, simple styles. I know that no matter where I go next, I don’t have to overthink what to pack because Lolë has me covered.”

Duhamel’s personal passion for outdoor activities, wellness, and reducing carbon footprints made him a natural fit to become Lolë’s ambassador, organically and authentically matching the brand’s dedication to inspiring a life of well-being through travel and fashion. “We’re thrilled to welcome Josh to the Lolë family, as his evolution into a wellness-focused, on-the-go lifestyle fits perfectly with our brand DNA and values,” says Todd Steele, Lolë CEO.  “As an understated style icon, he has good instincts when it comes to fashion. His participation in design workshops with product teams is an exciting opportunity for us to continue to inspire people to live outside their comfort zones in style. As he travels all over the world, from film sets to philanthropic missions, we’re proud that he’s chosen to rely on Lolë for its versatility and functionality.

We look forward to working with Josh to inspire people to seek excitement and engage with the world through their own travels—and be comfortable while doing it,” expresses Steele.

The new partnership launches with a series of videos, filmed across Hawaii, Montreal, Tanzania and Minnesota, showcasing Duhamel in Lolë activewear while exploring the world. Filming began in November 2018 with Duhamel hiking, cliff jumping, sky diving, and canoeing across beautiful Oahu, Hawaii to show how all-encompassing wellness includes pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in order to grow as an individual, echoing Lolë’s mandate to “live out loud every day.”

The videos continue in the Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort northwest of Montreal, where Duhamel joined a Lolë White Tour event on a frozen lake to share the brand’s message of peace, community, and loving the Earth.  Then through Tanzania, where he learned about the African Community and Conservation Foundation’s (ACCF) efforts to end poaching while promoting travelers to consider a “Safari with a Purpose” to discover the unique ecosystems of the world’s second largest continent. Lastly, the videos showcasing how Lolë celebrates individuality are filmed at Duhamel’s own remote, off-the-grid cabin in Minnesota – the perfect place to reconnect with one’s self and with nature through meditation.

Born and entirely designed in Montréal, Canada since 2002, Lolë believes that fashion can inspire a life of well-being in creating versatile, long-lasting pieces for men and women that are made to move and make people feel good. The unique collaboration between Lolë and Duhamel unites their shared values of living well, bringing communities together, and giving back to the Earth.

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