Some people would say that our Cognac is very expensive, and they would be right. Rome De Bellegarde Cognac has even been confirmed as the ‘Most Expensive Cognac in The World’ by the famous Guinness Book of World Records. Here is what justifies its high price tag.

First of all, as any Cognac expert knows, this brandy is made from very specific grapes. Unlike other alcoholic beverages – like vodka or whisky – that are made from grains, Cognac relies on resources and raw materials that are in short supply and therefore more expensive. To produce its Cognac, Rome De Bellegarde uses a variety of white grapes called Ugni Blanc. What makes every Cognac so special is its place of origin. For an eau-de-vie to be called Cognac, it must be made from grapes grown in the Cognac region of France, about 100km north of Bordeaux. This region is separated into six subregions that offer unique, individualistic products. The grapes we use for our Cognac are grown in the Grande Champagne region of the Cognac Appellation, also known as ‘The Golden Triangle’. This area is known for producing what is considered to be the most delicate and exquisite Cognac in the world.

Creating Cognac is an incredibly long and complicated process. It must be distilled twice and aged in French oak barrels for at least two years. For a Cognac to be considered as Extra Old (XO), it must have been aged for a minimum of 10 years. Rome De Bellegarde XO goes a step further, as it is matured in traditional and unique barrels made from 100% aged Limousin new oak for as long as 30 years, resulting in a richness and complexity rarely found in brandies produced elsewhere.

According to our Global Brand Director, Dimitri Nalin, ‘This prestigious and very fine Cognac will stand out and please the Cognac connoisseurs with its finesse and elegance.’ Rome De Bellegarde Cognac is undoubtedly an exquisite work of art with a refined, delicate taste that must be savoured and enjoyed!

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