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Dr. Ron Mayer – Chief Medical Officer.He’s happy. He’s healthy. His sleep quality, life expectancy, and relationships are now top notchHis secret is simple: This man is having sex.

It sounds easy enough. But what if I told you this man came to my clinic a few months ago with serious erectile dysfunction?

What if I shared with you this man’s other secret: He is having sex because he decided to discuss his sexual health concerns with a doctor.

Across Canada, thousands of men are taking the same step he did. What was once a taboo subject is now a well understood, treatable condition. That’s good news for the 50% of men over 50 who face erectile concerns – at least, it’s good news for those who are willing to talk about it.

The rewards for those who pursue a healthy sex life can be astounding. Sex releases endorphins into the brain, which can help manage stress and promote happiness throughout the day. The male orgasm also releases prolactin, a biochemical which can help men regulate their sleep. Additionally, men who have sex two or more times per week are 45% less likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

Relationships can also benefit from a healthy sex life. Increased intimacy releases oxytocin (aka the “love hormone”) which can increase the bond between two people. According to a recent study, having sex once per week contributed more to a couple’s well-being than tripling their income. Kissing, hugging, and touching are also critical to feeling loved and nurtured in a relationship.

Knowing the importance of intimacy has made couples less likely to quietly tolerate a sexless life. Men and women are instead seeking real solutions to this prevalent problem.  That’s why successful men often discuss the issue with both their doctors and their partners. Both parties can play a role in supporting a treatment plan and getting their sex life back on track.

While a healthy relationship is certainly worth fighting for, there’s an even more serious reason to pay medical attention to sexual health issues. For some men, a doctor’s visit about erectile dysfunction isn’t just convenient – it’s life-saving.

When you have an erection, the circulatory system, the nervous system, and your pelvic muscles are all working together. If a man is unable to get or maintain an erection, it could signal a serious issue with the brain, the heart, hormones, or pelvic muscles. At my clinic, patients have discovered issues ranging from high blood pressure to diabetes after having their erectile dysfunction examined. While popular pills can help a man get an erection in a hurry, this “quick fix” does not address the underlying health issues. For this reason, many men are choosing to speak with specialists who can check for real causes and offer real solutions.

One of the reasons that men and their doctors have neglected this topic is that, up until recently, there were few treatments available. While some men came forward after performance-enhancing pills were released in the 1990s, the topic was still avoided by those who felt the medication was not right for them.

Times have changed. At FullMast Men’s Health Clinic, our individualized, multimodal plans combine new and effective treatments with exercise programs to restore a man’s sex life.

One of the most popular treatments for Canadian men is SONICWAVE™ Therapy. It’s easy to see why – SONICWAVE™ is a safe, non-drug, non-surgical treatment which can solve erectile problems without adverse side effects. The treatment uses low-intensity “shock wave therapy” to restructure tissues inside the penis. Although this technology may sound new to some, it actually has a long history of being used to successfully treat damaged tissue from injuries and disease. Since being cleared by Canadian regulatory authorities to treat erectile dysfunction, it has helped numerous FullMast patients regain their erectile health.

Physical therapies are often used alongside SONICWAVE™ to help men strengthen their pelvic floor muscles or stimulate the pudendal nerve reflexes. Thanks to the recent research into men’s sexual health, top-of-the-line products are available to lead men through exercises in the clinic and at home. Patients are also recommended to undertake exercise programs that focus on their cardiovascular health. A physically healthy lifestyle can have many benefits for men, including an increased sex drive and stronger ability to get an erection.

I also frequently discuss the hormone testosterone with patients. Testosterone is responsible for many things related to men’s health, including the maintenance of male fertility, libido, and muscle strength. If a man is experiencing a testosterone deficit, it could affect his ability to get and maintain an erection. Testosterone replacement may be considered for men experiencing erectile dysfunction, however it is imperative that such therapies be done under a doctor’s supervision.

Patients should think of a multimodal treatment plan like a business plan: A doctor will assess the situation, understand the opportunities for “growth,” and put together a combination of treatments that will resolve the underlying issues. Since there are many reasons a man could be experiencing erectile dysfunction, each assessment and plan must reflect the individual’s medical history, personal preferences, and treatment options. The results can be life-changing.

The modern man knows how to take control of his life. He knows how to be successful in the office. He knows how to run a household. It’s time for him to apply these problem-solving and communication skills to take charge in the bedroom and get his sex life back.

The solution starts with a single phone call. To reach FullMast Men’s Health Clinic and book your confidential consultation, call 1-844-500-1177.

Dr. Ron Mayer is FullMast’s chief medical officer.  After working as a physician in one of the busiest emergency rooms in Canada Ron worked as a C-suite leader in travel health insurance and chronic disease management companies.

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