All things Skin Beauty Spa and Boutique Hotel is an array of experiences, mostly hidden gems that you’ll want to discover and some you’ll need to know what to ask for. Officially opened in May, creatively crafted, designed and built by owner Lisa MacQueen this space is best described as urban chic, this spa isn’t just a hastag to follow, this is a new trend. According to MacQueen this will be the new standard. “What goes into your skin, glows out. So our chosen line of products, paired with our team of experts is sure to get you shining.”

The spa offers stay and spa packages, nestled in between jazz festivals and hipster breweries, you won’t need to go far to experience culture or pampering. Once a tattoo parlour, this place continues to tell a story, by adding you into the dialogue, this is truly one of a kind, this is an experiential spa.

MacQueen says the basis of their business to is to help people make better decisions about skincare. Lack of knowledge shouldn’t be an upsell strategy, in fact most people leave spending less. But how does this work for business? She says “we have a variety of price point options and luxury services, our interest is to build loyalty and legacy. We have a long term agenda, to age gracefully with our clients. Our focus is to convert a one time transaction into a relationship built on trust and consistency.”

All Things Skin has Bespoke custom options, private spa bookings; you get the speakeasy vibe here. Although MacQueen stays tight lipped on who they service, her NDA agreement for staff tells us that there is something more to explore, we get the sense that they are rostering a pretty impressive client list and/or they’ve got something fabulous worth following. What she is open about is that each client will leave here feeling like a VIP.

After experiencing our own secret service package we can assure you that our experience was gold. You can book your own private experience here

All things Skin Beauty Spa and Boutique Hotel is located at 1594 1/2 Queen Street east, currently services are by appointment only. You can shop their stock online or in person tuesday-staurday. Their products are cruelty free, locally sourced and support independent business owners.

All things skin Beauty Spa & Boutique Hotel

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