By Teresa Greco

Many of the most famous watch brands whose names have been around for years are known for their true craftsmanship. Top luxury brands create timepieces that showcase great design, superior materials, and optimal quality that are manufactured to last you a lifetime. With luxury watches selling for thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars, these timepieces are a real investment. You can rest assured that admired brands like Rolex will not regularly release new models, but instead continue to improve on their classic designs to create new watches with a timeless look. Here are some of the top-selling luxury watches one might consider adding to their collection. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

In 1963 the Swiss produced Cosmograph Daytona launched as a professional driver’s watch. The unique timepiece was designed to meet the requirements of professional race car drivers, but the watch’s appeal extended to other admirers of luxury watches. Available in a range of colour finishes, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is consistently on the top-selling watches chart.

Omega Seamaster

This watch was first launched on the market in 1993 and has since been worn by every James Bond. In the 1995 Bond film “Goldeneye,” the Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M underwater watch first appeared and has since been featured in every movie. No one was shocked when actor Daniel Craig, the present James Bond, was appointed the official ambassador for the 300 M. The latest design has agitation toward an anti-magnetic chronometer, and the revised helium escape valve is also another upgrade. This modification prevents the watch from disruption due to shifts in pressure during deep dives at sea.

TAG Heuer Formula 1

Another race watch here, this time with a battle between TAG Heuer and Formula 1. The fusion of luxury watches and racing is clearly one that has great appeal for buyers. TAG Heuer defines such chronographs as watches “for a life in motion.” Masculine and trendy, these top-selling watches are great on as well as off the racetrack. There are a number of colour options and finishes to choose from, enabling each person to pick the version which best fits their lifestyle.

Rolex GMT-Master II

Fans of the Rolex GMT-Master II have given it a variety of nicknames inspired by the unique colour combinations available to choose from. The black and blue colour choice has been dubbed “Batman,” while the red and blue colour combination has been nicknamed “Pepsi” after the soft drink. This top-selling luxury watch has a place in both pop culture and luxury living.

Patek Philippe 5270P Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

One of the world’s most esteemed watchmakers is Patek Philippe. New launches are highly anticipated and pursued by luxury buyers, which is what helped place the manufacturer on the luxury watches chart of top sellers. The 5270P with a platinum case and a salmon dial is particularly unique and very well received. The vintage-inspired watch is quite expensive, beginning at around $180,000, but this has not deterred interested collectors.

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