By Teresa Greco

An ultra-tech savvy signature residence represents the future of condominium living as    Tridel unveils their Innovation Suite.  In the heart of downtown Toronto, on the 68th floor of Ten York, Tridel’s new Innovation Suite merges forward-thinking technology with contemporary design. The Suite showcases incredible connectivity, comfort, and convenience while delivering an unparalleled experience in luxury condominium living.

Expanding on Tridel’s robust smart home integration features within the smart condominium at Ten York, “The Innovation Suite represents the incredible possibilities that occur when design and technology meet,” says Stella Salvador, Principal Interior Designer, Tridel.  As people’s lives get busier and more hectic, “Torontonians are looking for ways to simplify the everyday and find more time to pursue leisure or spend with loved ones,” said Adrian Wang, Director of Innovation and Sustainability, Tridel. With the Innovation Suite, Tridel saw the opportunity to “use smart technologies to find modern conveniences and enjoy new luxuries to make life better for our residents, without compromising the signature style and elegance Tridel is known for,” adds Wang.

Despite the lack of existing research or infrastructure within the space, the pathway to the Innovation Suite began when Tridel started exploring how smart home technologies could exceed the needs of future residents. To develop the concept, Tridel opted to work within a vertical, multi-residential living space, selecting the Signature Suite as the “crown jewel” of the existing Tridel Connect smart home system by adding unbelievable features and amenities without compromising the elegance of the interior feel and finishes.  “When we conceptualized this project, our vision was to create a luxury home experience unlike any other. We are thrilled to share more of the incredible features in this innovative project today, which will set a new design standard for condominium living in Toronto,” expresses Salvador.

All features of the Innovation Suite are seamlessly tied into the overall concept and design of the space.  The bold, elegant interiors are modern, minimal, and refined, with the goal of inspiring wellness while being visually appealing. The warm wooden herringbone floors throughout the suite create a warm feeling of home and are coated in titanium oxide that is activated by light and motion, filtering and cleaning the air in the suite regularly.

Immediately upon entering the Suite, residents are able to activate key features through voice control, like the centralized lighting, audiovisuals, and motorized blinds. The Suite’s system control panel can be controlled by voice, phone, or touch, and can be programmed with different scenes to customize the Suite experience at key times throughout the day – opening or closing blinds and setting lighting levels for certain times of the day or even for specific events, such as watching a movie.

Leading into the central living area, the first of four wireless charging pads throughout the Suite make access to device power consistent and easily accessible.  An ultra short-throw laser projector offers HD viewing and entertainment opportunities, while maximizing space and aesthetics by sitting in the millwork below the screen rather than hanging from the ceiling.

Within the kitchen, cooking and meal preparation is made easy thanks to smart home appliances, controlled through the associated mobile app. Even the wall ovens can be monitored by smart technology, so waiting for the oven to preheat or spoiling recipes is a thing of the past. Plumbing fixtures like the kitchen faucet can also be controlled to helpfully complete tasks at request, like pouring a specific amount of water for a recipe, making everyday living easier than ever before.

The intelligence and excellence of the smart home features within the Innovation Suite are at their peak in the master bedroom. In this personal reprieve, a glass partition goes from opaque to transparent with the touch of a button, offering opportunities to enjoy natural light or darkens for privacy. An entertainment wall provides another smart TV system along with an electric fireplace, which uses mist and special lighting to create realistic looking flames. The ensuite bathroom creates an indulgent setting, ideal for relaxation and personal time with heated floors, a smart mirror that can be voice controlled and change lighting so one’s appearance can be checked thoroughly. A smart shower with voice-controllable water temperature and flow rate, and an AV-connected vibracoustic bath that can use sound to vibrate the water in the tub for a luxurious-in-bath massage.

While integrating technology into the function of everyday living was a priority, the appearance of the Suite still remained at the forefront, ensuring the Innovation Suite is both functional and beautiful. Its large windows help bring in abundant natural light and evoke a feeling of connection to the world and outdoors, and the balcony features stunning views of Toronto’s beloved Centre Island.   “Toronto is fast becoming a global technology hub and Tridel is keeping pace by

introducing a range of tech-savvy amenities which are available to our customers today,” said Jim Ritchie, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tridel. “With erratic schedules, 24/7 work demands and the nature of living in a bustling city, people are increasingly looking for ways to simplify their lives. A more connected home and community is one way to accomplish that.”

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